Reprobate in Probate?

REPROBATE IN PROBATE – A TRULY TERRIFYING THOUGHT When I first was aghast at the sewage of snakes I found myself in, it was like a bad dream or the most terrifying surreal John Grisham book I have ever imagined. I have never had to watch anyone die as I begged and made a “well […]

Guardianship Obscenity! Debased minds!

Raise the roof!!!! Jurisdiction anyone? As opposed to kidnapping and extortion In re Guardianship of Leon Bloom, an incapacitated person. MARSHALL BLOOM, individually, Appellant, v. DOROTHY B. BLOOM, individually, and ROBERT M. ELLIOT, as Trustee of the Leon Bloom Revocable Living Trust u/a/d, as Restated on Appellees. No. 2D16-2985 Florida Court of Appeals, Second District […]

What happens when CPS gets involved?

  CPS Caseworker – When your child is removed from your home, you will be given a notice of removal and the name and phone number of the CPS investigative caseworker. After approximately two to three weeks, your investigative worker will transfer the case to another caseworker. The caseworker will: Contact you to give you […]

The Estates Code is Unconstitutional

As the Senate decides whether to grant wards of the State of Texas due process rights–crumbs off of the master’s table–I sit disgusted that these men and women are our leaders, wondering how we managed to elect such reprobate “non-representing” representatives. I am also beside myself contemplating how grossly incompetent the lawyers must be to […]

Social media can hang you in a divorce

Electronic communications such as texts, email and even posts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are fast becoming the most important pieces of evidence in divorce cases. In fact, 94 percent of 1,600 lawyers recently surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) claimed that text messages had increasingly become the […]

FAQ in Texas Family Court from Parents

What is joint custody? What is sole custody? In Texas, courts divide child custody issues into two different categories: conservatorship and possession and access. Conservatorship is basically the rights and duties of the parents (i.e. to make decisions for the child regarding schooling, medical decisions, and psychiatric decisions, among many other things). Conservatorship can be […]